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  1. Portefeuille Dynomighty - Disco Mighty Wallet
    The Disco Mighty Wallet celebrates the ambiance of Brooklyn nights in the 70's. The disco ball is the symbol of a time of freedom and liberation in... Learn More
  2. Portefeuille Dynomighty - Dot Matrix Pi Mighty Wallet
    Probably one of the most mysterious among Dynomighty wallets creations. Printed with the first 2940 digits of the calculation of π (pi=3.141593...)... Learn More
  3. Portefeuille Dynomighty - Notebook Mighty Wallet
    Who does not know the Duff Beer, the most famous beer from cartoons? Duff Beer is of course Homer Simpson's favorite beverage. You can also wear th... Learn More
  4. Portefeuille Dynomighty - Fiesta Mighty Wallet


    Everyday is a party with the Confetti Mighty Wallet. A festive, fun and functional design that adds a splash of celebration to any pocket or purse.... Learn More
  5. Portefeuille Dynomighty - Notebook Mighty Wallet
    The Portfolio Dynomighty - France In 35mm is printed with a contact sheet of 35mm photographs taken by Terrence Kelleman (Dynomighty lead designer)... Learn More
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